Question: How to start playing?
Answer: After registration in the project you go to the section «Buy cows», where you make necessary buyings. Then collect milk, sell them and get gold coins and gold bars.

Question: If I didn't replenish the account, can I start playing?
Answer: Yes, you can! Daily bonus will allow you to collect some gold coins to buy cows.

Question: How to replenish the account?
Answer: You can replenish your account in the section «Replenish account» in any convenient way for you.

Question: How to withdraw earnings?
Answer: You can withdraw what you have earned in the section «Withdraw funds».

Question: How soon can I start withdraw the money?
Answer: Right away after replenishment and buying cows, in the section «Withdraw money». Before withdrawal of the means you need to collect all the milk to the warehouse and exchange them to gold!

Question: I replenished the account, but the money didn't come - what to do?
Answer: Wait. The speed of the replenishment depends on the chosen way of payment. That's why the time of payment can vary from 1 second till 2 minutes. If the money still didn't come to your account then and only write an application to the support service with full information about the payment (Paying system, date, sum, E-mail that you entered when you replenished your account).

Question: I replenished the account, but the money didn't come - what to do?
Answer: You need to send your referral link to the user whom you want to invite. As soon as this person replenishes the account - he/she will be considered your active referral, and you'll get bonuses for him/her! You can also order a promotion of your referral link in the section «Referral promotion». «My referrals» - here you can track the activity of your referrals!

Question: I want to change my referrer/referral, how to do that?
Answer: Unfortunately this data is impossible to be changed! If your friend didn't become your referral after registration, it means that he registered by not your link.

Question: Levels of referrals - what is that?
Answer: 1 level is your referral. 2 level is a referral of your referral. 3 level is a referral of your referral's referral.